Man Writes Inspiring Facebook Post about Getting off Facebook

Man in light blue shirt sitting outside looking at an iPad

SILVERLAKE, CA – A man by the name of Alex Clapper has written an awe-inspiring post on his Facebook wall about how people are addicted to the internet and need to focus on the important things in life. Here is an excerpt of his magnum opus:

How do you want to spend the finite time you are on this planet? In front of a piece of glass that changes colors of little square lights? You’re alive people! You can have MORE than this! You own everything! WAKE UP! It’s time to WAKE UP! and LIVE LIFE! Toss your phone in the garbage! Give your laptop to the nearest homeless man! WAKE UP! The digital age is making us all zombies. Phones are useless. Computers are useless. WITHOUT LOVE. Toss out ANYTHING that distracts you from that simple fact. Your car, your TV. GET OFF FACEBOOK AND LIVE!

Clapper received many heart reactions and praise hands emojis for the post.