Cat Unimpressed With New Dry Food

brown, white, and dark grey cat outside on a wooden railing

PORTLAND, OR – On the morning of January 18, 2017, Graham Cracker the cat rose from his slumber and did his usual morning walk to the food bowl. However, this was anything but a normal morning for him.

The night before, Graham Cracker’s caretakers went to the store to purchase more dry food, only to find they were out of the usual flavor that Graham Cracker had grown and loved –  Meow Mix Original Choice. So instead, they opted to buy the Seafood Medley flavor. The thing is, Graham Cracker finds the Seafood Medley flavor unpalatable.

“We had no idea he felt that way about the Seafood Medley flavor” said caretakers Bob and Carol Roseberg. “We are going to buy the Original Choice flavor first thing tomorrow”.