Study Finds Happy Meal Toy More Nutritious than Happy Meal

A picture of a Happy Meal and some stickers with anthropomorphic McDonald's food items
"Happy Meal Play Set // Dinette Happy Mea" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by DocChewbacca

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Researchers at Harvard University have concluded that the toy included in a McDonald’s Happy Meal is the most nutritionally dense part of the meal.

Christopher Tracy, one of the study conductors, gives us more insight into the results. “We tested a variety of different Happy Meal / toy combinations, and the nutritional hierarchy remained unchanged. We found that Furbys and Beanie Babies had the highest nutritional value, while Frozen and Minion had the least”.

We reached out to McDonald’s CEO Chris Kempczinski for comment:

“I do not accept the results of the study. Do you even watch the Olympics? If you did, you would know that our logo is all over the place in those games because we’re the athlete’s favorite food stop. Have you seen our latest ad? We have shots of tomatoes with water droplets on them being chopped in midair. That means we’re good”.